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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making Changes

I love when you are finally done and very happy with the final results, but realize that you left something out and have to go back and re-edit.

Might sounds simple but when I'm down with editing the podcast I output (which takes about 30 minutes), then I run it through levelator (which levels out all the audio, which takes another 30 minutes) but that leaves it in a .aiff format which doesn't work for podbean so I then have to bring it into Audacity and output it as an .mp3 and that take about 15 minutes. And finally if I remember I bring it into itunes to add the photo. So once I'm done editing the piece there is still another hour and 15 minutes of outputting before it is ready.

I had to go back and cut in the piece that I forget and then start this process over once again. Oh well the piece had to be in there and It think this pt 1 or Ep 10 turned out pretty good. Can't wait to post it.

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