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Friday, May 15, 2009

Knights of the Guild Episode 4

Knights of the Guild Episode 4

Show Notes:

Here it is Episode 4 of Knights of the Guild. We hope you enjoy it.

Today’s show features:

  • First up we have our monthly Vorkism, every month Vork will bestow his words of wisdom to us.
  • Our location today is Bladezz’s Basement
  • For our Fan interview we have die hard fan World of Higlet


  • We update you on the Cast and Crew and what they currently are up too.
  • For our BTS segment we discuss our experience working on Season Two Episode Six: Blow Out.
  • We have a very special crew interview: Jared Hoy - Chief Lighting Technician


  • We have our Fan Feedback.
  • We ask for Donations and Thank those you already donated.
  • Then we have our final words and we say goodbye.

Please send your audio or written comments to or you can leave your comments in the comment section of this site.

Thank you again for all your support, we do this podcast because we are fans and more importantly for the fans.

Kenny & Jenni

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