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Monday, February 15, 2010

Knights of the Guild Ep 13 pt1

Show Notes:


WOW!!!! that pretty much sums up this 1 year anniversary party/podcast.

It was truly and amazing night of friends, podcasting and good times. We had some very special guests show up to join in on the fun. I would like to thank all our guests for making the trek out of my house (I live in the middle of nowhere). Felicia, Kim, Michele, Brian, Fernie, Andrew, Will, Mel, Jay, Greg, Jared, Sean, Megan and Ray.


This podcast is an edited version of our live podcast on Ustream. You can watch the entire 5 hours here Password for UStream is KOTG

Today’s show features:

  • * First up we have a Vorkism.
  • * We are recording this weeks podcast live from our studio.
  • * We sit down and interview Fernando Chien, Michele Boyd, Sean Becker, Greg Aronowitz, Kim Evey and Felicia Day
  • * We then read and listen to listeners comments for our 1 Year Annivesary.
  • * We then have a Very Special Buinsess Time and say goodbye

Thank you again for all your support, we do this podcast because we are fans and more importantly for the fans.

Kenny & Jenni

Other Important Links

  • Call Knights of the Guild 818-308-KOTG (5684) Let’s us know what you think of our show. Give your thoughts on the current season of The Guild or just say hi. US folks can use the widget on our websites to call for FREE.

Other Webseries Promo’s during the show this week:


Bumps in the Night

Podcast Promo’s played during the show this week:

Also we talk about a very special gift from our friend Matthew Brackney, You can check out his awesome website here..

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