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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KOTG CompanionCast S4E5


Show Notes:

It’s time for our next CompanionCast for Season 4 of The Guild. First of all be sure you watched Episode 4 of season 5 “Loot Envy”. If you haven’t seen it yet watch it HERE

What is a CompanionCast?? It’s a behind the scene look at the current episode of The Guild.

I was on set everyday while they shot Season 4. As actors and crew were finished with scenes I would try and speak to them. Get some inside info about the scene they just shot. I also interviewed Felicia Day and Kim Evey about the storyline and Sean Becker about the directing. Each one of these CompanionCasts will be episode specific and will vary in length depending on how much guildie goodness I was about to gather.

In this CompanionCast I interview Felicia Day, Sean Becker, Kim Evey, Robin Thorsen, Brett Sheridan, Greg Aronowitz, and Jeff Lewis. I also have something special, I play a few minutes of an actual rehearsal of Robin and Brett.

I hope you enjoy a look behind the scenes of Season 4 Episode 5 “Loot Envy”


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