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Monday, June 20, 2011

Confessions of a Fanboy

Hey guys.. I'm starting my third podcast called Confessions of a Fanboy. It is a podcast dedicated to all those wonderful Fanboys and Fangirls. It’s a place to talk about your love for Star Trek and/or Star Wars. Do you Cos-Play or dress up as Animals aka Furries? Do you enjoy LARPing or MMO’s? Can you speak in Klingon or recite every Doctor and their companions. If you’re passionate about one or more geek/nerd topics then this podcast is for you.

Each podcast will have a one on one conversation with a Fanboy or Fangirl. Will talk about how you got into your fandom, why you call yourself a fan and how you have integrated it into your daily life. Will also discuss other fandoms you may have and how being a fanboy/fangirl/Geek/Nerd has affected your life and anything else that might come up. I wanted to create this podcast so others like me could share their passion and love for their fandom. 

Requirements: The interview will be over skype (audio only), so you will need skype, a microphone and some head phones. It's best not to listen to the audio out of the speakers as you can hear the feedback through the mic. If you have garage band or audacity and you could record your own audio that would be even better but it's not necessary as I can record the skype call itself. 

If you’re interested in telling your story email me at

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