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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Knights of the Guild Ep 36

Today’s show features:
  • * Knights of the Guild opening theme composed by Brian Arnold with Tweex Music
  • * Guild News
  • * What the Cast is Up too
  • * Cast member Teal Sherer (Venom) joins me as a co-host and we catch up on her life
  • * Guild Trivia
  • * Behind the Scenes with Teal Sherer as she discusses Game Stop from Season 3
  • * Questions for guest host Teal Sherer
  • * Listener Feedback
  • * Thank you and goodbyes
  • * Special treat: Jeff Lewis singing Rock Lobster
Thank you again for all your support, I do this podcast because I am a fan myself and love taking other fans behind the scenes of this great webseries.
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