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Monday, August 10, 2009

Felicia Day Interview

Today Jenni came over to my place so we could do a skype interview with actress, writer, creator of The Guild Felicia Day. She was our special Cast Member interview for Knights of the Guild podcast #7. We started a bit late but the interview was fantastic. Got to ask a lot of cool questions and since Felicia is a friend it was less pressure and was more like three friends just shooting the breeze. After Felicia's interview Jenni and I recorded pick ups to fill in the blanks after splitting episode 7 into two podcasts. Now just a few more editing tweets and cutting in Felicia's interview and Knights of the Guild #7 part 1 & 2 should be ready for release.

I also prepared the show notes for both episodes.

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  1. That's great to hear. Really looking forward to listening to it and to seeing Felicia at Dragon*Con in just a couple of weeks!