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Saturday, April 4, 2009

KOTG Microcast #3 Quest for the Streamys: The Results

Knights of the Guild #3 Quest for the Streamys: The Results


We go back to last Saturday and join our intrepid reporter Penny Jowell as she reports on the Guild cast and crew while they walk the red carpet, watch the Streamys live and head to the after parties.

The Guild won three Streamy Awards

  • Best Ensemble Cast
  • Best Actress (Felicia Day)
  • Best Comedy Web series

Ms. Jowell was joined by Robert Welkner. Robert is one of the hosts of COIN-OP TV LIVE, which is part of TheStream.TV network. Along with his co-host Hailey Bright, It is the second longest running show on the network with one of the largest loyal followings. Highlights from the live show include interviews with famed video game composer Tommy Tallarico, professional gamers Fatal1ty and Stermy, the team behind Screw Attack and Director of Operations for Nexon, Min Kim. COIN-OP TV LIVE airs every Thursday at 8PM PST / 11PM EST on www.TheStream.TV!

Here are some photo’s of our lovely reporter Penny Jowell, yes we know she looks like Jenni Powell but there’s no relations. :)

JenniVince.jpg JenniFelicia2.jpg

JenniFeliciaSandeep.jpg RobSean.jpg

JenniFelicia.jpg JenniNeil.jpg

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