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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Felicia Day Autographed Photos

Well we ran out of Felicia Day Autographed photos so I asked if we could get more and she was kind enough to send us a new batch and the cool thing is they are different from the first one she gave us. So now if you make a donation of $15.00 you'll get ONE of these beautifully autographed photos.


  1. Already have an autographed photo from when I got to meet her at WonderCon. Woot! And it's personalised, no less. XD

    However... I do want to help support the podcast... so hopefully I can make at least some donation with my next paycheck on the 20th. :)

  2. Well we are currently working on getting photos of other cast members as well to give away. Maybe you'll like one of those.