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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Autographed Photos

Hey all, I put the call out to other cast members to see if I could get autographed photos of them as well as I'm sure you guys are interested in all of them and I've already heard back from a few of them. So far Michele Boyd (Riley aka Stupid Tall Hot Girl) confirmed that she'll get us some autographed photos. So as soon as I get them I'll post a picture of it.

Thanks to all those who donate. Believe me your money is being put to good use. So far we purchased another microphone, now Jenni and I don't have to share. We have gotten a mini MP3 recorder, which you guys heard Jenni, *cough* I mean Penny use at the Streamys. And we have paid for our podcast website and other web expenses. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

We are currently requesting donations to purchase promotional items like bookmarks, magnets and even T-shirts to give away as prizes.

Guildie fans are AWESOME!!!

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  1. OooOOOoh! I already look forward to the fun promotional items! Gotta represent!