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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blizzcon Day 2

After a wonderful morning I was on a high, but that was soon gone as I hit traffic driving to Anaheim and Blizzcon. I had a shift at The Guild's booth from 3pm to 8pm. Traffic was horrible, but I got there around 3:15 but then had to find parking as all the lots were full. I finally found something miles away so I didn't get to The Guild booth until 3:30pm. I got excited again about getting my keys and folks kept congratulating me as I showed them the actual key.

The booth was packed with Guild fans. The signing was fun, meet several folks who said how much they enjoy my Twitter feed. And at 5pm I was asked to run the raffle (The Guild was giving away 4 Zune MP3 players). I had Jeff (Vork) and Robin (Clara) pull the names out of Vork's deep fryer. That was a lot of fun. After that there was the cast's final signing. There was a new Cast photo/poster that a fan did for The Guild and I wanted a copy signed by everyone so I did that. I also got a picture with each cast member because I take 1000's of photos of the cast and crew but there are so very few pictures of me on set and none with the cast members.

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