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Monday, August 17, 2009

Joss Speaks about about Avatar

How cool is this.. over at Whedonesque Joss posted a little note to Felicia and Guild fans.

Okay, usually I stay above such matters. But this video must be number one!!! Who is this Taylor Swift? Some evil robot, PROBABLY. (Although an evil robot vid would also potentially be cool.) (But fine! She can be number two!) The point is, I love this video to distraction (and inevitable procrastination). It has Felicia -- and money! Felicia LYING IN money! Combo-ed! Plus Vork, turkey legs, and the Solid Guild dancers! I care!

And I'm hobbled here, peeps. I don't twitter (I occasionally Glitter and Be Gay, but that's it), can't digg, or favorite, or friend... In fact I don't understand why my typewriter has a TV on it. I'M NOT SAVVY. But I really want this to be big. It's indie (which is the most important part), it's awesome, and it's made by people that I friended in the old-fashioned way of being friends with them. (Okay, technically, I brothered Jed before I friended him, but he's still super-talented.) So help me out. Let's go the extra mile here and DESTROY THE SWIFTBOT! Then I can get back to the business of making Dollhouse stranger.

Digg deep, people.

Smoochez! -joss. And it worked.. Do You Want To Date My Avatar is the number 1 music video on US and Canada Itunes. Way to go Guildies.

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