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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Podcast Numbers

Today the podcast showed up on Itunes top 100 TV/Film audio podcasts. It started at #48. That is the highest our podcast has ever been and I was very excited. I tweeted about it and Brian (@theguild) posted about it and asked people to download and re tweet and they did. Next thing I knew we were at #45 and an hour later #14 and after that #7 and then #5 and finally #3. Can you believe it we hit the 3rd most popular TV/Film audio podcast on Itunes today. I am truly humbled by our awesome fans. There support is incredible and we continue to grow everyday.

Also today we passed 19,000 downloads.. not bad for being only seven months old. Again it goes back to our wonderful Guildies.

Thanks to all our loyal listeners.

1 comment:

  1. First we conquer iTunes, then we take over the world! MOEWHAHAHAHA!!
    KOTG FTW! ;-)