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Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 New KOTG Contests

EDIT: T-Shirt Contest is OVER.. but the Poster contest is still going.. see below....

We have two new contests happening.

First one, Knights of the Guild is part of the Geekerdome Network. They have been kind enough to give KOTG a section of their forums for our fans to discuss episodes, talking about the cast, crew or anything else you guys would want to talk about. You do need to sign up to participate in this forum, but that takes a few minutes and is very easy.

So those who sign up in the next week will be entered into a KOTG T-shirt Contest and we will randomly draw one, maybe two names on Sunday Nov. 22nd.

Go to

Once you sign up go to the thread "I want a free t-shirt" and post that you want a free t-shirt... it's that easy.

Our second contest is a bit more difficult but the prize is well worth it. We are asking you guys to pick one of your favorite quotes from The Guild (any season) and record yourself impersonating that character saying it. Send your audio file to

All entries received by Dec. 1st will go into a drawing and we will pick one person at random and they will win an 11x17 poster of the Guild cast in their Avatar outfits and it's signed by all six of the main Guild cast and also Michele Boyd (Riley), Tara Caso (Dena), and Director Sean Becker.


  1. Are there any participation restrictions on the Poster contest? Wouldn't want to participate, have luck and then not be able to get it since I live in Germany

  2. All our contests are open to everyone. Will ship worldwide.