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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jenni Teachin' a Class on Web Series Production!

Hi Everyone!

Jenni here! I'm sure many of you are aware that I have spent the last several years working exclusively in web entertainment (or "New Media" as the bigwigs like to call it). I'm excited to let everyone on the podcast know I will helping teach a prep course on developing, creating, and distributing web content and so I thought I'd post the info in case any of you might know of anyone that might be interested in taking courses. Currently the pricing is $150 for 4 weeks of classes, classes being every Monday starting this Monday the 9th from 7 PM - 10 PM. I can probably work out a discount rate if that would be helpful
to anyone interested. Please feel free to pass this info on to whoever you think might be interested. You can also get more info at our site

Below is a week by week course description.



In week one students will be challenged to overcome resistance and
thoroughly flesh out their own idea for an original webisode.
Students will hit the ground running and should be prepared with three
concepts for a web series before coming to class. Questions to be
explored include: What works in the web space and what doesn’t? Are
there any pitfalls and/or clich├ęs that one should avoid? Are certain
genres more successful than others in the web space? Specific topics
to be covered include: Form, Genre, Resources and Locations, Performer
Union Contracts, Casting, and LLC formation.



Students will learn a basic overview of pre-production (budgeting,
location scouting, scheduling, crewing up, equipment and rentals,
etc…) to set their series up in a successful way. Heading into
production, key guidelines will be discussed in detail to ensure a
happy and smooth running set. How important is a good 1st AD?? What
does a line-producer do? When are the best times to shoot? What type
of camera should I use- HD vs. DV? Minute details, such as payroll,
on set performer releases, and time sheets, will be discussed.


Post Pro/Web Design and Technology

All aspects of post production will be discussed in detail, including:
editing, sound design, composition, vfx, credits and graphics. In
addition, output (transcoding/encoding) for final delivery will be
covered. Furthermore, we’ll discuss which format works best for
creating your parent site: html vs. flash, Wordpress vs. Joomla vs.
Dropla,? Major digital studios (Hulu, Crackle, Break,,, Koldcast,, will be debated. Which is
the best platform for your show to live online? The business models
for each major digital studio will be explored in detail.


Social Networking/Viral Marketing/Sales

In our final week, students will learn social networking strategies to
optimize the promotions of their content, using such platforms as:
Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo, and LinkedIn. Students will
also learn the importance of bookmarking (digg, reddit, and tumbler)
as well as the importance of reaching out to new media outlets such as
Tubefilter, NewTeeVee, Mashable, and Techzulu. SEO (Search Engine
Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Monetization) will be explored in
detail to ensure that your webseries has optimal coverage in the
webspace. Students will learn all about advertising agencies and
popular trends in media buying. How do you lock down a sponsor? What
are they looking for? What is product placement and brand
integration? How do you create a brand out of your content and
repurpose it for global trans media sales?


Terrence Coles – Head of Sales and Distributions for Dogma Studios

David Crump – Head of Digital Design and SEO for Dogma Studios

Brady Brim De Forrest – CEO of

Matt Enlow – Producer, “Mountain Man”; Writer/Director, “Engaged”; Line Producer, “Harmony”; Associate Site Editor at, International Academy Member of Web TV

Mary Feuer – Writer, “Lonely Girl 15”; Director/Writer/Producer, “With The Angels”; Strike TV Board Member, International Academy Member of Web TV

Elisabeth Flack-- New Media Liaison, Writers Guild of America (WGA) West

Barrett Garese – CEO of SpyTap Industries and former UTA New Media Agent

Bob Jensen – New Media Rep at The Screen Actors Guild

Liz Shanon Miller – Web TV Reviewer,

Dave O’Brien – Director/Producer, “In The Moment”; Director, “Blank
Slate”; Professor of Cinema and Television, USC

The first class meets on November 9 @ 7pm in Dogma Studios, Marina Del Rey.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything. And thanks if you've read this far! You guys rule!


  1. This is fantastic news, Jenni! If I lived anywhere nearby I would be there taking copious notes (and asking you lots and lots of questions).

    Your course description looks great - I'm sure this is going to be a big success.

    Well done!

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