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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Live Podcasting

Today we recorded our 10th episode of Knights of the Guild podcast but this time we were broadcasting via webcam on livestream. This was our first time so things didn't quite go as planned. It started off fine.. we did our interview with Sean (audio guy) and it went great. We then started our podcast and turned on the livestream feed. We started the podcast and got about ten minutes in and realized that the audio was one correctly configured so folks watching couldn't hear anything. I just happen to look over at the chat window and people were frantically typing "WE CAN'T HEAR YOU". We quickly fixed the problem and continued with the podcast. For about and hour things were moving along nicely. The webcam would move and I'd be cut out of frame but again we would look at the chat room and they would let us know. We then started getting "trolls" in our chat. If you don't know what a troll is, it's a person (if you can all them that) that join the chat and will swear, attack and otherwise disrupt the chat room. We had several of them and I keep trying to ban them but with livestream you can only ban the name and not the IP address.. so I would ban them and they would sign back on with another name and so on and so on. After a while I gave up and we continued to do the podcast.

When we were done it seemed that those who joined us enjoyed it. We had alot of fun doing it but because of the trolls it kind of ended the night on a down. But I'll be looking into either another live web cam service, one that I can ban IP address or looking into livestream closer to see if there is something I can do.

I'm working on removing the first 10 minutes with no audio before posting it. I hope to have it up soon.

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