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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KOTG Microcast 13 pt.1 - Quest for Xmas Props

Knights of the Guild Podcast

Show Notes:

We have a special microcast covering The Guild “Sells Out” Christmas Special with an exclusive interview with Greg Aronowitz, who wrote, directed and created all the Guild toys. This interview as so epic that we had to split it into two pieces. The second half of the interview along with listener feedback about the Xmas special will be on part 2 which will be out in a few days. So sit back and enjoy our conversation with Greg Aronowitz.


Hope you enjoy it…


Kenny & Jenni

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Tuning into Sci fi TV

** please note we did the interview via Skype, Jenni, Greg and I, and as you all know skype isn’t the best sounding at times

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