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Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 Year Anniversary Podcast: A Look Back

WOW!!!! that pretty much sums up last nights 1 year anniversary party/podcast. First of all there was a 1 hour warm up act with Jared Hoy and Andrew Seely who were on mic because Jenni and I were running around greeting our guests and such. Once we started the podcast it continued for over four hours of guildie goodness. So much great stuff that I think I'm going to break it up into 3 or 4 podcasts. After 11:30 when the party started to break up it turned into the "After-Hours" Karaoke night. Headed up by my best bud Will along with Jay, Meagan, Ray and Jenni they were singing up a storm until 1am.

It was truly and amazing night of friends, podcasting and good times. I would like to thank all our guests for making the trek out of my house (I live in the middle of nowhere). Felicia, Kim, Michele, Brian, Fernie, Andrew, Will, Mel, Jay, Greg, Jared, Sean, Megan and Ray.

It was an awesome night and I wish we did that for every podcast.

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