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Sunday, January 3, 2010

KOTG Microcast #14 Quest for Poetry

A few weeks back we put a contest call out for listeners to create a “Guild” themed Haiku, Limerick or Poem and boy did you guys deliver, we received 38 entries. Then for one week we had listeners vote for their favorites in each category and on today’s microcast we will announce the winners. Not only will we announce the winners but we will also have every poem, haiku and limerick read aloud.

I want to thank all those your contributed to the contest: Joshua Buckner * Jen Rhodes * Jim Miller * Alan Douglas * Danielle Souza * Robert Collier * Andres Zornosa * Karen D * Caitlin Bennett * Jerry Tavis * Cameron * Brandon Noble * Brent Latham * Jeremy Williams * Jerod Bennett * Anna Fruen * Adam Linden * Harky Lentil * Markus Hunt * Ryanne Harding * Amber Shirley Thank you all for writing such wonderful Poems, Haiku’s and Limericks.

Some of the writers were able to read their entry out loud but most were not so I put a call out for help and here are the listeners who helped Jenni and I read the remaining entries. Spidra Webster * Derek Reynolds * Caitlin Coyne * Eva * Jerod Bennett Thank you guys for helping us out.

Hope you guys enjoy this Microcast,

Kenny & Jenni

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