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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Knights of the Guild : The story of Kenny and Jenni

by Chris Feyrer
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Kenny Mittleider always wanted to be popular. What he didn’t know was that he would be some day, hosting the Internet podcast Knights of the Guild, the official podcast of the web series The Guild.

Mittleider, in his late thirties, is a post production supervisor in southern California and a huge self-proclaimed geek, with a major Star Wars collection and a sweet, huggable teddy-bear personality.

Enter Jenni Powell, former Lonelygirl15 crew member and transplant to the crazy world that is Los Angeles, funny, quirky, irreverent, and chasing the dream of web series industry success.

Both offered their talents to Felicia Day’s web series The Guild crew back in the first run of the off-the-wall comedy about a group of addicted gamers forced to interact offline. Back then, all was funded by PayPal and run by volunteers, with Jenni as Production assistant and Kenny working behind the scenes on featurettes and in post production. Already fans, they became even more hooked while working on the show, with the access to the awesome cast, crew, and fan base that makes up the Guild community.

Thusly, a fan podcast was born.

Powell found herself Mittleider’s partner in crime, and together “Kenny and Jenni” have built quite a name for themselves not only for their excellent coverage of The Guild but for their great repoire and hilarious online personas.

From the first edition, it was clear that this was not your every day fan podcast. With professional quality audio production, show-to-show continuity, and clever lead-ins to each section of their show, Knights of the Guild launched a year ago and became a staple for fans looking for the latest and greatest in goings-on with the Los Angeles-based web series.

Kenny and Jenni make it look easy. What fans don’t see are the hours and hours of preproduction, organizing schedules with cast members for interviews, soliciting and handling fan feedback, dealing with crazy technical difficulties, and spreading the word near and far that goes on behind the scenes.

To both of them I wanted to say bravo and congrats for a year of hilarity, unicorns, one-liners, and insightful cast, fan and crew interviews.

If you are a fan of online gaming, comedy, or social outcasts, and you still haven’t seen The Guild, please quit living under your rock and go to and then check out Kenny and Jenni’s awesome Knights of the Guild podcast at: .

Hours of laughter later, you’ll understand why the podcast has thousands of downloads and the web series is in the top ten comedies on ITunes.

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