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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guild Season 3 Day One

Today was the first day of principal shooting for The Guild Season Three. Once again I am working on four to five Behind the Scenes (BTS) pieces for the Season Three DVD. This season production bought a HD camera for me to use as they want all content to be HD. So I spent yesterday checking out the new camera and it's pretty sweet. I can't really say much about what was shot as it would be major spoilers as we shot the very last scene of season 3 first but it was a BLAST!!! I would say about 80% of the same crew is back which makes it like getting back together with family after a long vacation. We shot a lot of stuff and it went very smoothly as we finished so early that we prepped for tomorrows shots.

I'm very excited to be back. This time around I am not shooting 60 plus hours of footage and hope I have stuff to cover the interviews, this season I am planing out the pieces that I need and know exactly what I need to shoot. Only down side to this season is they are shooting during the week and I'll have to miss most of those days. But I do have a back up shooter who will get the shots I need.. hopefully. Gotta get some sleep.. have to get up at 5:30am again tomorrow.

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