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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guild Season 3 Day Two

This weekend was a Guild weekend as will the next three weekends to be. Today was a good shot day, again can't talk about what actually happens but it was a fun day. Had a few hic cups with the power going out a few times and the neighbors mowing/air blowing the yard next to the window in which we were filming, but over all it was a fairly smooth shot day and we actaully got done an 15 minutes early.

I did have a little scare... about mid day my camera's battery was dead so I went to put in the new battery and when I turned it back on I got the message that the hard drive had an error. Which means I couldn't shoot anymore and there was a possiblity that I would lose everything on the drive. Luckily I planned for this and backed up the previous days footage on another hard drive so the only thing I would have lost would have been todays stuff (which would have been bad but not horrible). So I went home to see if I could recover the media and a half hour later I got about 99% of the media off and re-formated the hard drive and went back to set and continue to shoot BTS.. all seems to be well.

Home now and trying to finish up my Knights of the Guild podcast as it's suppose to be posted at Midnight which is about 12 minutes from now... so tired...

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