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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KOTG Microcast #16 Quest for Comic Signing


This Microcast covers the Guild’s comic book signing at Golden Apple in Hollywood. It started out as Felicia Day only but soon all six cast members were going to be there to sign. I wanted to do this microcast for all the fans who couldn’t make it. Jenni (my co-host) is on the East coast so I asked a good friend of mine Greg Aronowitz to join me, which he happily did. So we got there around 5 and there was already a line forming. We interviewed some fans who were waiting and then went inside when the event started. Most of the night I was the “muscle” and stood by Felicia and made sure no one went behind the table. It was a very well organized event and everything went very smoothly. After the last person in line (they had to close off the line). I joined in and had my owe comic books signed.. I might work for The Guild but I’m still a fanboy. :) Greg and I also did mini interviews with each cast members about the experience and being in a comic book and an interview with the store owner Ryan.

It was a great night, Greg was a super substitute co-host and hopefully this microcast brought the signing to everyone.

You can see more pictures on my flickr account..

Thanks for listening

Kenny & Greg

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