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Friday, April 30, 2010

Helping with the Podcast Contest

So we are looking for Guildies to help with our podcast. As many of you know we have a section of our podcast called Business Time where we let listeners know where they can find Knights of the Guild on the world wide web.

So to help us out we are asking for listeners to record one or more of the following :
  • Leave us comments on podbean and/or reviews at itunes. You can also email us a knights of the guild @ gmail (dot) com
  • Please follow our Blog @ knights of the guild podcast (dot) blogspot (dot) com
  • We have a fan page on Facebook and Watchtheguild (dot) com group, please join both.
  • Knights of the Guild is on Twitter @knightsofguild so are it’s hosts Kenny @Geekyfanboy and Jenni @jennipowell
  • We have several online stores where you can purchase all kinds of Knights of the Guild merchandise. Please visit our cafĂ© press store @ http://www (dot) cafepress/kotg We also have a Zazzle store @ http://www (dot) zazzle (dot) com/knightsoftheguild
  • We have our Ustream channel where you can watch previous recording of our podcast as well as our four hour Anniversary podcast (with cast members of The Guild) . http://www (dot) ustream (dot) tv/channel/knights-of-the-guild
  • Give us a call and leave us a message on our Knights of the Guild Google Voice 818-308-KOTG (5684) It’s Free in the US use the “Call Me” buttons on our Blog and podbean websites.
  • Send us your Guildie Photos, so we can post them in a section on our podbean website called “Our Listeners” Send us pictures of you sporting some kind of KOTG/Guild merchandise. Ie.. KOTG T-shirts, Guild T-shirts. Cos-Play… etc…
You can record as many of them as you like. If your recording makes it into episode 17 pt1 (June 15) or pt.2 (June 30) will enter your name into a very special contest where we will draw 1 winner who will receive The Guild Comic Book #1 signed by all six cast members.

There aren't many rules, the recoding need to sound good, you can just read them, do a funny voice, sing them, rap them, do anything you want. Please do not add music or any other sfx. You can read them word for word or ad lib just make sure you get the information across. You can send us an MP3, Aiff, or Wav audio file. Email the file to

Please get them into us before the end of May.


  1. So, just to be clear - to enter the competition we need to record an entry that tells everyone all the ways that we can follow the Knights of The Guild on the intertubes?

    Do we have to mention all the place you are:

    This Blog
    Facebook Fan page
    ustream channel
    Google Voice
    Brilliant merchandise on Cafe press and Zazzle...?

    Or just some of them?

  2. You can read one, two, three or all of them. The more you enter the more likely I will play one of them in Ep. 17 pt1 and pt2. If I do play one of yours then you go into the drawing.

  3. Great! This is another brilliant competition :)