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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Podcasting and Stuff

Today I had an interview lined up with a Guild Fan for our upcoming podcast Ep. 15 pt. 2. So at 8pm Jenni and I got on skype with our friend Eva for the interview. It was quick and to the point lasting about 7 minutes.. it was a good though short interview.

After that I did a little editing work on the episode. Earlier that day I had gotten the Sean Becker Guild Something segment and so I cut in both of those segments. So all is left to do is cut in the SFX and do one final pass before I level it, convert it and then upload it.

It won't be posted until the End of April (I'm thinking Friday April 30th)

Gotta start planning to record our next episode.. man for a hobby this takes up alot of my time. :)

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