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Thursday, April 1, 2010

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EXCLUSIVE: Felicia Day Dishes On ‘Lil Guildies’

by Jenni Powell

Lil Guildies - web series

It looks like The Guild will continue its transmedia dominance after releasing the first of the three-part The Guild comic through Dark Horse with…an animated TV series called Lil Guildies, confirming our earlier report of this mysterious video. Day revealed to Tubefilter that she has inked a deal with a very prominent animation house (we’re not allowed to say due to NDA obligations) to bring to life a Muppet Baby-esque series that shows us what our favorite Guildies would look like as kids.

When first broached with the idea, Day was hesitant due to her already packed schedule of prepping the comics as well as her staring role in the upcoming SyFy series Red but being able to bring The Guild to gamers with kids was too good of an opportunity to pass up. “I love working on the web because I don’t have to compromise creatively,” said Day. “I thought a mainstream kids show for TV would be a disaster in that regard but they kept saying that they loved my sensibility and they really wanted me to do whatever I felt was true to the tone of the web series.” She was able to bring on board several friends of the show to get it made: Greg Aronowitz (prop master for Do You Want to Date My Avatar? and co-creator of the hilarious The Guild Christmas products bonus features) created all the character design and Paul and Storm did the theme song.

An interesting dilemma was how to deal with the fact that the character of Bladezz is so much younger than the rest of his guildmates. The solution seems outlandish but definitely doable considering Day’s willingness to take chances. Says Day: “I never thought for a second that they’d actually approve Embryonic Bladezz but when they did I felt like they passed the creativity litmus test. And I guess cartoons are a lot more progressive now than they were when I was growing up.”

Day also supplied us with the lyrics to the theme song composed by Paul and Storm:

Everyone come along (log on)
Lil’ Guildies are questin’ again
Singin’ a happy song (come on)
Join the party with Codex and friends

Tink and Clara come a runnin’ on the double again
Zaboo’s sneakin’ up to get a cuddle again
Embryonic Bladezz is makin’ trouble again
And Vork has a monkey, a wah ha ho

Lil Guildies are on the case
Makin’ music and solving crime
And also they’re in outer space
Friends of yours and mine
It’s time for Lil’ Guildies time!

The show definitely won’t be for everyone but just like the old Loony Tunes or Rocky and Bullwinkle, Day tells us, “I’m going to put in lots of stuff that will go right over kids’ heads but that their parents will think is really funny. Hopefully.”

Release dates for the project will be forthcoming.

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