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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recording Ep. 16

Today Jenni came over around 3 and we recorded our next episode of Knights of the Guild Podcast Episode 16 pt. 1 & 2. We didn't video tape this recording as we have done with the past five or so podcasts. We wanted to keep some of this info a secret until it airs on May 15th. It's so strange as we recorded 40 or so podcast without an audience but you kind of get use to it not having them this time around kind of felt like something was missing. But then again I felt this podcast flew by as we weren't interacting with the folks online and just getting the podcast done.

We did have one scare as we were half way through recording part 1 and Audacity (the program I use to record the podcasts) suddenly went funky and became unresponsive. I did everything I could to try and save our work that we had done the past hour. Suddenly everything crashed. Figured we were screwed so I started everything back up and when I started Audacity a window popped up and said "do you want to recovery previous work".. relief washed over me as I clicked YES.. we manage to save the majority of it and lost the last ten minutes of our recording.

Now all I have to do is edit them, add the SFX, level them, convert them and then upload them.

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