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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic Con Day Four - Final Day

Today was the final day of Comic Con. Again I had a list of panels to do but since Will was here I really wanted to hang with him as we were only did about 1/3 of the floor yesterday. So we got up and got ready. I had to wake up Ethan as we had to check out. So we all left the hotel a little after 9am. I checked out and we packed everything into our cars and got a taxi to drive us to the convention center. We got to the con about 9:45am and started in the hall where we left off. What was fun about doing the hall with Will is he enjoys visiting every table and is so friendly and chats with everyone. So I got to see things I would normally just walk by and not give a second glance at.
At lunch time we picked up some food from the convention center cafe. After lunch we did a little more floor and then Will wanted to do another VO panel. He went upstairs and I headed to The Guild booth to visit. Once his panel was over we continued to walk the floor and finally finished the entire floor around 4pm.

Will was able to grab a photo with Felicia as they were finishing there final autograph session. Other Guildies started to show up as the hall was closing at 5pm and the Con would be over. Everyone wanted to meet up one more time to say our final goodbyes. While we were waiting another Knights of the Guild fan found me. Nightscream is her screen name. We chatted for a bit before we said our goodbyes.

We all said our final goodbyes and Will, Ethan and I went back to our cars, made some peanut butter sandwiches for the ride home and started the trip back up north to home. I dropped off Ethan around 9pm and made it home by 10pm. Comic con was awesome but man it was good to be home.

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