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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Race Against The Sun

Today we were at the first of two locations. We lost the sun yesterday and wasn't able to get everything that was needed so we had some catching up to do. My call time was a little later as everything was already set up from yesterday so I actually didn't get up until around 6am. Got to the set around 7AM but drove around an half hour looking for parking. Finally found a spot only about five blocks from the location. Once again my buddy Will was there filming so I was fun hanging with him. The day flew by and believe it or not we managed to get every shot they needed including the ones we missed yesterday. And of course when I say "We" I mean the Guild team. I of course continued to take hours and hours of BTS footage for some rockin' extras for season three.

Well this location is done.. tomorrow we move on to our final location and shoot the final two days of The Guild Season Three.

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