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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Final Shoot Day

Once again I had a sunrise call time. There was a lot to shoot in a short amount of time and this was the final day of principal photography. We had to get everything done. It was hotter then the day before and tempers were stretched thin. You could tell that the past week shoot was taking it's toll on people. Not that they were mean or raising their voices much... but they were getting tired and the heat didn't help at all. And towards the very end when we were chasing the Sun as it slowly disappeared over the horizon things started to get crazy with folks running around trying to get things set up in time. I was talking to Michele Boyd (Riley) on the set and she said that the crew's craziness was nothing compared to other shoots she had been on... So that was good to hear. But in the end we got the shots needed and everyone was happy. Felicia, Sean (Director), Kim (Producer) and Christian (UPM) gave their Thank you speeches while PA's passed out champagne. Ryan (1st AD) raised his glass and said "That's a Wrap on Season Three of The Guild" and everyone cheered and clapped. Then everyone hugged and said their goodbyes.

Of course after that and for the next few hours we had to clean up the location and load everything onto trucks.

Season Three was a whirl wind.. shot in 14 days over a span of three week. I had a great time and capture some really cool BTS. Of course my job is far from over.. now that the shooting is done I will focus on the editing of the BTS Extras for the DVD.

Can't wait for Season Four....

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