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Friday, May 14, 2010

Contests, Contests and More Contests

We currently have Four Knights of the Guild contests going on for various prizes. Some have been announced some will be announced soon in current podcasts. But because you read our blog will give you a heads start on these contests.

Contest #1 : Business Time Contest ****ENDED****

We are asking for listeners help with out business time section of the podcast. We ask that you read 1, 2 , or all of our Business Time sayings and email them to us. If we play one of yours, your name will go into a drawing. We're we will draw one lucky winner at random. You can go HERE to find the text of what we say during busin

Prize: First issue of The Guild comic book signed by all 6 main cast members (Felicia, Vince, Sandeep, Jeff, Amy and Robin)


Contest #2 : Guild Essay

Smart Pop Books ( generously donated 3 books to Knights of the Guild podcast. These books are fresh, funny essays on the best of pop culture tv, books and film with particular focus on science fiction and fantasy television and literature. I was able to pick three that I felt would fit our fanbase. To win one of these books we are asking our listeners to write an essay on any facet of The Guild. We will have an impartial judge read them all and pick his three favorite. We will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. 1st place will get first choice on which book they want, then 2nd place will get the pick from the remaining 2 books and third place will get the remaining book.

Send all entries to

Prizes: Finding Serenity, Serenity Found and Seven Seasons of Buffy


Contest #3 : Hi my name is _____ and I'm a Knight of the Guild because... ****ENDED****

This is a contest that anyone can enter, all I want if for you to fill in the blank and answer the question. Email your entry to

Example: Hi my name is Kenny and I'm a Knight of the Guild because the moment I saw the first episode of The Guild I knew I wanted to be part of the magic.

Prize: Felicia Day Autographed Photo


Contest #4 : End of Month Contest

We have this contest every month, you must follow us on twitter @knightsofguild, @geekyfanboy @jennipowell

For this contest if varies from RTing tweets, to answering Guild trivia. All those who enter all put into this End of Month drawing.

Prize: KOTG Merchandise, Autographed pictures, Number of winners varies on the amount of participation. There is at least 1 winner a month.


If you have any cool contest ideas please send us an email at

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