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Monday, May 10, 2010

Guild Shoot Season 4 - Day Three

Another day on the set of The Guild. Since it was Monday I wasn't sure how long it was going to take me to get to the Hollywood area so I planned to leave at 9am and get into LA around 10:30ish. Luckily I didn't hit much traffic and arrived when I had planned.

It was a very productive day, I got some good sound bites and real informative interviews. As I left for the evening around 8pm I got in my Jeep and started it up. Soon as I started my "gas" light came on and I looked at my gas gauge and it was empty. I knew immediately that someone has siphoned my gas. I knew I wasn't far from a gas station so I started to make my way there when, just at the bottom of the hill, my jeep completely died. I pushed the jeep to the side of the road and walked to remaining two blocks to get gas, once I had put the small amount in my jeep I drove back to the gas station and did a fill up.

This has happened to be before as my jeep has an open gas compartment and the gas cap has no lock. After that fun I drove home with no more issue.

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