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Monday, May 10, 2010

Listener's Input

Hey Guildies,

I've been thinking of changing up Knights of the Guild a bit and I want your guys input on what segments you like, which ones you can live without and what "new" segments you would like to hear. Email us at with you thoughts or give us your comments below this post.

Current Segments:
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Interviews with a Fan
  • Interviews with a Crew Member
  • Interviews with a Cast Member
  • What the Cast and Crew Up too
  • Guild Something with Sean Becker
  • Contests
  • Donations
  • Business Time
  • Guild News
So please take a moment and drop us an email with you thoughts.



  1. Two Items:

    New Video segments
    New videos or episodes that have been posted on either http://www, /watchtheguild or at http;// This would include video response videos that were posted to either site. (May want to be notified when Brian accepts one)

    WatchTheGuild Comments
    This would be a few Best comments that were posted under forums or the video sections.

  2. I really like the thought of video segments but the one thing I wish would change is the ammount of lag time between recording and broadcast. it seems that some times the time between recording and broadcast can be as much as a month.

    Ross T. Gunn

  3. Thanks for your comments, here are my responses. OsiraMon, We have talked about doing a video segment but that requires alot of work, but you might see one here or there in the future. Also we do live recordings of our podcast and the video is available to view.

    As for posting Guild videos they are already posted in several places and we don't have that kind of bandwidth to handle that much video. Also we don't have the right to post videos that were originally posted on You Tube.

    This would also go for the you tube and watch the guild comments. We can't use those as we don't have permission. When folks email us comments they know we will more then likely read them on the air.

  4. RGunn.. thank you for your comments. See comments above about a video segment.

    As for posting in a timely manner. We normally record parts 1 & 2 the first week of the month, then we release part 1 on the 15th of the month and part 2 about 2 weeks later towards the end of the month. The reason we do this is at TIME thing, both jenni and I are extremely busy and find it hard to get together to record. It's easier for us to record both episodes together at the same time and just release them. I normally put time sensitive stuff in the first part.

  5. Hi OsiraMon, I think I misunderstood your video segment, it was brought to my attention that you may be asking for use to have a segment about Guild related videos that are elsewhere on the web. I like that idea but of course this would require us to watch these videos before we promote them.. but I'll add to my list of possible new segments... Thanks, Kenny