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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guild Shoot Season 4 - Day Four

Today we are shooting in the valley so it was a much quicker drive to get to set. Took some pixs and did a few interviews but didn't feel like a very productive day for season 4 stuff. Wasn't able to watch the actually shooting which kind of bummed me out.

There was a reveal today that was AWESOME, of course I can't say anything but it was the highlight for the day. But this was a close second.. the wonderful Kim Evey got the "Shaved Ice" truck to come to the location and everything got some delicious shaved ice.. I had the rockin' rainbow, which was cherry, blueberry and pineapple shaved ice over vanilla ice cream.. it was pretty AWESOME too.

Another fun thing that happened today was when Jenni joined me to record a new Microcast about the awesome april fools joke The Guild played called Lil' Guildies. We actually got all the creators, Kim Evey, Greg Aronowitz and Paul & Storm to join us. It was a fun interview and I hope to get it up later tonight after I edit it up a bit.

Another cool thing about today's location is that it's the same place where they filmed Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show and look who I found sitting next to me.

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